Monday, September 6, 2010

Updating often. I keep telling people to look and don't want them to look at the old one :)!


Julia Hodges said...

Hey dude, I love the progress! I know that you want to make it all red tinted because of the mood it makes. The way to make it more red is to put other colors in the right areas. You've already done it with the sky, it's yellow-orangish. The shadows of the people in the background I think you should try to add just a touch of purple-more bluish tones. Also, think of reflected light in the shadows, they could harbor those colors.

I know that this is weird to say, but the face in the background to the right is really rendered compared to all the other faces. You should either render the other faces as much as his or push his face further back, the key is keep the emphasis on the main character. I think you should push him back just a little and render the other faces just a little more.

Keep rendering the main character more, but only the parts that matter, like the head. I like how well the head is rendered, but how cool would it be if the apron was as well, you've put so much light on it, it would look killer if it was rendered, and maybe some blood on it like a butcher. Think of a photography where parts of the photo are blurry and the parts with emphasis are crisp.

Wow, that was a lot...hope that helps. :)

Eric Quigley said...

hells yeah.