Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Snuck in some sketches. Well, two. Not using that space marine necessarily, but working on some preliminary stuff for a big space marine painting. Feet from Hogarth:


Whitney Misch said...

Good job Dude! Man! I'm so pumped that you're posting this much.

I'll have to start posting some more on my blag too.

Eric Quigley said...

Yeah man. I got two jobs now and I'm getting a little killed, but I'm going to quit the one that pays me less. I've pretty much already made my decision and it's two weeks time.

Still- draw through it!!!

Christina Huther said...

Keep posting, Quigley; these are awesome and I'm feeling inspired. Did you happen to see any work from the Starcraft II concept artbook? I think you'd enjoy it immensely.