Saturday, September 4, 2010

Been doing work for that Deviant Art competition. I really just want to win Resident Evil 5, haha. It's a little de-saturated because I saved for web, but I'll be adjusting to fit as it gets closer and closer to finish. Deadline is soon.


Daniel Wood said...

oh god yes

Julia Hodges said...

For the sake of your career, I hope you don't win just for the will kill your productivity! :)

I love that hand and the worm's eye perspective. I think you need to add some subtle blues to counteract how red everything is...or add red and blue...but not to make the shadows to have some color vibrations...if you know Jon Foster's work, his colors just vibrate so well. Keep pushing, more detail where it counts.

I hope I'm not critiqueing too much...your productivity is just really exciting and uplifting.

Eric Quigley said...

Actually I really appreciate it, Ally. Every image I do is "flying blind" because I feel that I look at things for too long and start to lose my objective sensibilities as a painting progresses.