Saturday, May 9, 2009


Comments were made about the length of his arms and my original sketch (which was luckily saved) showed that somewhere in the painting process I completely stopped checking my proportions and went for the goal.  Checking around and drawing over brought me this one.  Happy Nate?  Kidding, of course.  No I'm not.  

Hopefully will be getting around to some newer stuff as the semester is.... OVER.  Word.  Now I can get completely engulfed into my little escapist nerd fantasy world and will take any chance I can to do so.  Thanks for lookin' fellas.  


c. bridges said...


Barbara said...

Could you tell me what you learned in your art schooling? There aren't any illustration schools locally and I am not that crazy about the idea of being a paid artist that I am going to move up the road to Richmond when my house is paid for and I don't have that payment to worry about :-)

I had a semester of art at a local community college, but it was not illustration all you did was sit there and paint from a still life and it was not productive at all.

Art teachers do not actually teach you anything.

ILLUSTRATION is different where you actually learn to make something look like something.

Please tell me about your experience. Thanks.


Eric Quigley said...


I'm not exactly sure how I should respond to your post, so I'll leave a reply here and wait to see if you see it. Please respond somehow if you do... Blogger confuses me often.

I learned a tremendous amount in art school, but none of it would have meant anything if I didn't have the drive. I believe that art school, much like other schools, is met halfway. My teachers were motivated to help me because I was motivated to be helped. It was that kind of thing. No one can force technical skill on you- that's developed through studying from life and general knowledge of forms and stuff. They can, however, steer you in the right direction. I've had some wonderful figure drawing classes, paintings classes, and publication illustration courses that all taught me important things about the general makings of art as well as the technical skill.

Drawing/painting is not a talent. It is a skill. It is developed over time through drive- drive to practice, to learn, develop, etc. If you don't feel you have the drive then you wouldn't be happy with what you get out of school. If you have the drive the world art world is open to you to explore and eventually find your niche in.

If you want more specifics, please tell me and I'll do my best. Best of luck and hope to hear more from you.