Saturday, December 6, 2008

This might just be the last one.  I doubt it, though.  That's the problem with finishing before deadlines... 


shou' said...

Saw your SB on CA and wanted to drop a line here.

Nice pieces throughout posted in here.

The one in particular that you are working on looks good. I have a few suggestions if you don't mind, I'll just throw out onto the table (so to speak) --

It looks as if part of the mountain on the left side is hovering over the water while another part is suddenly merging onto the land. This could use some reworking into making a more subtle/smoother transition.

What might help to make it slightly more dramatic is if you drop the horizon line a few cm. Flesh out and identify the object that is falling from the sky. Play more with the reflection of the fire and add smoke since theobject is burning. The city looks desolate for something that will momentarily crash into it. The mountain on the right side has a great value of warm colors that could be attributed and applied to other areas of the painting.

Additionally, I don't know the story behind this piece, but ask questions such as "Why is the man holding something that is on fire?"

And you're more than welcome to disagree, ignore, and call me a lunatic :) Look forward to future posts!

Super Scientist said...

I wish I could pay you to draw for my DnD group. Great stuff.